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BY-LAWS 2021/2022





Section 1: The name of the club shall be Always A  Nurse Club (AANC).

Section 2: The fiscal year shall be January to December.




Section 1: AANC is a non-profit club that provides opportunities for continued professional growth and promotes fellowship with other nurses.




Section 1: The annual dues will be assessed at the September board meeting and announced at the next general assembly meeting.  Dues are payable at the first meeting attended in the next fiscal year. Failure to pay dues during that fiscal year will result in cancellation of membership and name will be removed from email list.

Section 2:  Guests may  attend a meeting prior to joining; all guests must be residents of The Villages or a guest of a resident with a Villages guest ID and photo ID, and must be a RN or LPN.  The only exception will be the speakers and their associates.

Section 3: Membership is open to all RN & LPN residents of The Villages, with a current resident identification card. Licensure can be active or inactive.




Section 1: The elected officers of AANC shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The elected officers constitute The Executive Board.

Section 2:  The elected officers shall appoint a Program Coordinator, Communications Specialist/ Informatics Specialist, Social Coordinator and any ad hoc committee chairpersons. The elected officers, the appointed chairpersons,  and the immediate past president will constitute the Board.  If the immediate past president is unable to fulfill this position, a previous past president will be asked to sit in. The Communication Specialist need  not attend meetings or be a member of the AANC. 




Section 1: The officers shall perform duties prescribed by these by-laws, and such other duties as necessary. 

Section 2: The President shall:• Preside at all meetings. In his/her absence; duties will be performed by Vice President. • Obtain facility permit and make needed arrangements for meetings to include seating design with The Villages.• Attend committee meetings in ex-officio capacity, having no vote, except in an issue regarding a tie vote.• Oversee club activities to assure they are conducted in accordance with the policies, procedures, and by- laws of AANC.• Maintain good public relations with The Villages management, the Recreation department, the media, etc. either personally or by appointing a representative from the membership at large.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC.

Section 3: The Vice-President shall:• Perform all duties of the President in her/his absence.• Ensure meeting room design for monthly meetings.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC. • Acts as advisor to Presiding Officer, assists President in managing meetings, assuring justice and courtesy for all. Enforces majority rule. •  Acts in advisory and educational capacity in all club functions.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC.

Section 4: The Secretary shall:• Record the proceedings of the club meetings and those of the Executive Board. • Send copy of Executive Board minutes to Board prior to club meeting.• Maintain a file of those proceedings.• Present minutes of the club meetings to the membership either orally, written or via AANC website.• Prepare written recommendations of the Executive Board for presentation to the club membership as appropriate. Maintain a record of those recommendations and action taken by the membership.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC.

Section 5: The Treasurer shall:• Collect membership dues.• Receive all monies from ticket sales and other income sources.• Maintain a bookkeeping system.• Make disbursements for routine expenses which are to be made as soon as possible after receipt of bills. • Maintain a checking account for the club. The account should be in the name of the Treasurer, the President• Reconcile the checking account and complete bank reconciliation each month.• Provide a Treasurers Report at every Executive Board meeting.• Give a Treasurers Report at the general membership meeting, as requested by the President.• Complete an annual audit with report submitted to Executive Board at September meeting.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC. • 

Section 6: Membership Chairperson/Assistant Treasurer (FUTURE NEED--presently done by Treasurer) shall:• Maintain a data base (excel) of all members to include new members and renewing members.• Register new members and verify that they are residents of The Villages.• Submit monthly updates to Communication Specialist.• Provide updated computer generated membership list to sign-in desk, new membership sign in and treasure prior to monthly meeting.• Verify membership status of all attendees.• Record number of attendees at all meetings.• Select additional committee members to assist with meeting sign-in.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC.

Section 7: Program Coordinator shall:• Assess membership interest in specific professional topics.• Develop program schedule for fiscal year.• Obtain speakers for  membership meetings for January, March, May, September and November. • Verify with speaker subject of presentation and interest of audience with date, time and place of meeting.• Insure audio and visual needs of speaker are ready for meeting.• Submit event announcement information to the Villages Media Group and The Villages Recreational News.• Submit program topic to the Communication Specialist for club meetings.• Develop list of back up speakers.• Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC.

Section 8: Communication Specialist shall:• Notify members of monthly AANC meeting, and other club information as directed by President, via email.• Update and maintain electronic membership file with information sent monthly by Membership Chairperson.

  Section 9: Social Committee Chairperson(s):  Brings concerns from general membership to the board. •Plans, coordinates and organizes social outings, gatherings and trips of interest to the general memberships, including but not  limited to the July and August general assembly meetings. •Submit planned outings to Board for submission to the Communication Specialist.  • Perform any and all duties that are necessary to promote and benefit AANC.

Section 10: Immediate Past President shall:• Act as advisor with insight and historical knowledge to the Board.

Section 11: Eligibility:• Candidates for office must have been a member in good standing for at least 6 months and a permanent resident of The Villages.

Section 12: Terms:• Terms are for one year. The Vice-President will become President after serving one year as Vice-President. The club’s Vice-President makes a two year commitment, with the second year as President.

Section 13: Vacancies:• In case of a vacancy in the Office of the President, the Vice-President shall become President. Any vacancy of other Officers shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular meeting when the club, by majority vote shall sanction the Executive Board’s actions.




Section 1: The elected officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer constitute the Executive Board. Only the elected officers shall have voting rights on matters  pertaining bylaws. 

Section 2: The Executive Board shall:• Have general supervision of the affairs of the club.• Appoint all committee members of AANC unless specified elsewhere.• Make recommendations to members at large.

• Act for the club in matters requiring action before the next meeting of the club. • Report actions taken that require membership approval, to the membership at large at the next club meeting.




Section 1: A general meeting of AANC will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, at 10 am at the Water Lily Recreation center or other location as needed. July and August will be strictly social events

Section 2: The majority of the club’s membership present at each meeting will constitute a quorum.




Section 1: Unless, specified elsewhere in these by-laws, the President and the Executive Board shall appoint standing committees and special committees. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. All committees are to report/communicate committee activities to the Executive Board.

Section 2: Nominating Committee(new in 2022): The committee shall be comprised of a Chairperson and two members of the club. Duties of the Nominating Committee are as follows• Nominate a candidate for each office to be filled, whose consent to serve has been obtained• Present the slate of nominations to the general membership at the November general meeting. Accept additional nominations from the floor provided that consent from the nominee to serve has been verified.  • Request a membership vote at the December meeting. A simple majority vote shall determine the elected officers from the slate of nominees.



Section 1: These by-laws may be amended at any Executive Board meeting and approved by a majority at the general meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership and/or posted on the membership website, prior to the meeting.


The following ITALICS are  future  committees  for 2022 and 2023: 

Section 3: Refreshment Committee: The committee is comprised of a Chair and Co-Chairperson. Additional members will be added as determined by the Chairperson. This committee is responsible for providing adequate refreshments for all meetings. Additional duties are as follows:• Obtain all needed supplies and paper goods for meeting refreshments.• Refreshments for each meeting and seasonal party will be solicited by alphabetic designation as determined by the committee. Designated letters will be in monthly notification to all members via email. 

Section 4: Raffle Committee: The committee may be comprised of a chair and co-chairperson. Additional members will be added as determined by the Chairperson. The duties of the committee are to obtain needed raffle tickets and conduct the monthly raffle, which includes the selling and drawing of raffle tickets. Funds collected are used at the Club’s discretion, typically used for nursing scholarship.

Section 5: Scholarship Committee: The committee shall be comprised of a Chairperson and additional members as determined by the Chairperson. The purpose of the committee is to:• Determine criteria and eligibility for a nursing scholarship.• Advertise the scholarship.• Accept and review applications.• Reserve option to interview candidates as necessary. • Present final selection to Executive Board prior to May meeting.

Section 6: Historian shall:• Collect and maintain all pertinent information related to AANC and its members. •Display albums and other information at the September, January and May meetings.    

Section 7: Ad Hoc Committees: Committees will be assembled as needed to meet the needs of the club. Each committee will have a Chairperson who will communicate all activities to the Executive Board. The purpose of each committee will determine the activities required.



Created by Lucy Edwards